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our mission

The R&P Mission is to provide unique and indispensable commercial real-estate information and knowledge by means of strong advocacy and outstanding insight and timely advice. R&P thrives to deliver superior management through cooperation with numerous U.S. based network of experts with the experience and track record to examine all aspects of commercial real estate.

our vision

We, in R&P, are vigilant in our corporate fiduciary responsibilities and act only and always in the best interest of our investors.

Who We Are

The R&P objective is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted rates of return for accredited investors by taking core/value-added approaches to commercial property real estate investing. Our over-arching goal of is to provide our Investors superlative real estate investment opportunities tailored to meet their individual goals, risk tolerances and investment horizons. Our team is comprised of highly detailed, experienced and skilled real estate professionals organized to identify unusually attractive properties. Our team’s ability to quickly and precisely engage the appropriate network of local, regional and national experts, each having specialized asset management functions, is second to none in ‘drilling down’ into the multifaceted, opportunity rich and diverse local and regional real estate property markets.

Our core competency revolves around the team’s pro-active involvement in the management of the entire investment process including initial feasibility, financing, acquisition, asset management and disposition tasks, each executed at the highest possible level.

Our Team