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New Investments

We, at R&P, currently focus on:

  • Class B Office
  • Retail Strip Centers
  • Community Retail Center (single tenant)
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Investment Products

  • Core – The Core investments provide stable, predictable cash flow with relatively low risk. Representative core investments include properties with long term net leases from strong credit tenants.
  • Core Plus – The Core plus investment is a variation on Core investing, offering slightly higher overall returns that typically range between 7.0% and 8.0%. Core plus investments often derive a somewhat lower percentage of their overall return from current cash flow and a correspondingly higher percentage from residual value.
  • Value Added – Investments in the Value-added category offer opportunities for a balanced mix of current cash flow and future appreciation.
  • Opportunistic – Investments in the Opportunistic category require intensive and active management to achieve turn around via successful repositioning or redevelopment strategies.


  • Class A – High Quality Construction + Prime Location
  • Class B – High Quality Construction
  • Class C – Lower Quality/Older Construction


  • Strip Centers – May or May Not Include Anchor Tenant
  • Community Retail Center – Includes 1 Anchor Tenant
  • Power Centers – Includes Multiple Anchor Tenants
  • Regional Malls – Indoor shopping Center with 400,000 to 2,000,000 SF


  • Garden Apartments – 4 Story Residential Building with
    No Elevators + Surface Parking
  • Mid-Rise Apartments – 5-9 Story Residential Building /Urban Infill
  • High Rise Apartments – 10+ Story Residential Building


  • Full-Service Hotel (i.e. Four Seasons)
  • Limited Service Hotel (Boutique Properties)
  • Extended Stay Hotel – Larger Rooms + Kitchens


  • Heavy Manufacturing properties – Heavy Manufacturing /Custom Machinery
  • Light Assembly Properties – Factory with Light Machinery. Easily Reconfigured.
  • Flex Warehouse Properties – Easily Converted (Storage + Office)
  • Bulk Warehouse Properties – Regional Distribution. Require Access
    for trucks + Highways


  • Self Storage
  • Bowling Alley
  • Movie Theater … etc.