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Investment Products

  • Core – The Core investments provide stable, predictable cash flow with relatively low risk. Representative core investments include properties with long term net leases from strong credit tenants.
  • Core Plus – The Core plus investment is a variation on Core investing, offering slightly higher overall returns that typically range between 7.0% and 8.0%. Core plus investments often derive a somewhat lower percentage of their overall return from current cash flow and a correspondingly higher percentage from residual value.
  • Value Added – Investments in the Value-added category offer opportunities for a balanced mix of current cash flow and future appreciation.
  • Opportunistic – Investments in the Opportunistic category require intensive and active management to achieve turn around via successful repositioning or redevelopment strategies.


  • Class A – High Quality Construction + Prime Location
  • Class B – High Quality Construction
  • Class C – Lower Quality/Older Construction


  • Strip Centers – May or May Not Include Anchor Tenant
  • Community Retail Center – Includes 1 Anchor Tenant
  • Power Centers – Includes Multiple Anchor Tenants
  • Regional Malls – Indoor shopping Center with 400,000 to 2,000,000 SF


  • Garden Apartments – 4 Story Residential Building with
    No Elevators + Surface Parking
  • Mid-Rise Apartments – 5-9 Story Residential Building /Urban Infill
  • High Rise Apartments – 10+ Story Residential Building


  • Full-Service Hotel (i.e. Four Seasons)
  • Limited Service Hotel (Boutique Properties)
  • Extended Stay Hotel – Larger Rooms + Kitchens


  • Heavy Manufacturing properties – Heavy Manufacturing /Custom Machinery
  • Light Assembly Properties – Factory with Light Machinery. Easily Reconfigured.
  • Flex Warehouse Properties – Easily Converted (Storage + Office)
  • Bulk Warehouse Properties – Regional Distribution. Require Access
    for trucks + Highways


  • Self Storage
  • Bowling Alley
  • Movie Theater … etc.

Why Invest in R&P?

Investors have direct relationship
and access to the R&P team

R&P has the ability to target their search for
projects that fit Investor needs and strategies

Comprehensive and detailed
due diligence process

Investors have access to all the CRE opportunities which
allows them to choose amongst the various
investments to fit their personal needs

Each investment has a unique business
plan presented to our Investor for approval.

Our services are:

  • Asset Acquisition
  • Asset Management
  • Development Services
  • Consulting Services