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Eng. Ghazi Alahmadi

After attaining Bachelor  degree in systems engineering in 1990, Eng. Ghazi   had studied three master degrees in different fields matching his career plans in due course ; MSc in Information Technology and Systems Engineering (UK), Master of Business Administration (Saudi Arabia) and most recently Master of  Real Estate Development and Infrastructure Engineering (USA).

Eng. Ghazi worked in several business industries  including : Oil, IT and Communication, Banking, Real Estate Development, Consulting firms, Engineering and  Construction. Eng. Ghazi had the opportunity to work with both international and local companies. Eng. Ghazi has  progressed  in  his managerial positions up to the senior level.

Eng. Ghazi has attended numerous courses all over the world in various arenas. In addition, he has participated in several regional and international conventions either as a panelist, a speaker or organizer.

Today Eng. Ghazi splits his time between Riyadh and the D.C. Metropolitan Area. He runs his own companies and he also co-founded R&P which focuses on income-generating real-estate properties.